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Running Up the Down Escalator

(Heavens Teburgatroid Batman!!)

21 February
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Date Created:2005-04-10
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"A man has to be a bit mad, Helena, its the best thing about him" "I've been told 'If you hear hoofbeats don't first look for a zebra' but I happen to like zebras, very much." -me I'm housetrained but sometimes forgetmyself....wait, thats just the example. OOPS I love to act. Being on stage is my live, where I feel most alive. I love to be crazy on stage and just goof off. Christ is my center-he strengthens me day by day. I love music-heavy metal, screamo, emo, old music like: swing, BEATLES-cant forget the fab four! I love to be crazy and just myself.
Strengths: My curly-hair has the incredible ability to frizz with just a touch of humidity, POW! Bright red lipstick will shock your eyes Incredible acting power...BAM, I'm someone else The ability to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail by heart.
Weaknesses: punk guys wearing chucks, talking llamas, milk (no, really, I'm allergic), the incredible suggestive power of my two little siblings
Special Skills: Acting, popping out a crazy thought in 0 to 2 seconds, thinking of a sutible song for any conversation, goofing off
Weapons: long (presently bright green) nails, the ability to apparently die and then yell "I'm not dead yet!"
pet peeves: People who can't just be themselves and have crazy-wild-action-fun

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